And the website is no more…

Chun Aik
10 min readJun 1, 2022

And so it’s been a month since the website was abruptly shut down. Shock and confusion were followed by disappointment, then discussions and a series of email correspondences. A press conference and a few articles later, perhaps our lives haven’t been affected much, if at all.

That is not to say that it doesn’t mean anything though.

Since a week after the website was taken down, I had been wanting to pen down my thoughts. Thoughts that have been in a flurry, that I tried to untwine from my emotions; thoughts that I was trying to sort out, organise, and make sense of.

Every time I feel strongly about something, I try to stop and ask myself, why? Why the strong emotional response? What could be causing it? Is it justified? What can I do? What are the consequences? What would I like to see happen? Is it feasible?

Many questions, little answers, a whole lot of thinking and reflecting on what is going on in my state of mind, as well as what is going on in everyone else’s state of mind.

Perhaps I’ll just start from the beginning…

The Shock

After a (always) much needed long weekend, I got back to work on Wednesday to a shock.

The Gillman Barracks website, 4 May 2022

For the benefit of those who had never seen the website, it looked like this:

The Gillman Barracks website in March 2022, courtesy of Wayback Machine

I still can’t really seem to find words to describe, but it’s as if your neighbourhood got renovated overnight with everything stripped bare and no prior notice.

Well in this case, it’s more like there was an ambiguous notice without a clear date of when this is going to happen. No real mental preparation beforehand. No last warning. Nothing.

Just bam.

I kinda had a sign when I emailed the week earlier and was told that this will happen soon. Still, when it happens it still came as much as a shock as anything else. I guess sometimes we wouldn’t really know how to process certain things until it had already taken place. Or not even after that.

Chun Aik

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