Blender learning syllabus

Chun Aik
5 min readMay 18, 2021

This is a list of tutorials that I came across to learn and practise Blender. I started this as a way to keep track of the tutorials for myself, as well as to share it with whoever needs some sort of reference to get started. It is non-exhaustive and I will try to continue add in new tutorials as I go along.

For now, I will split the list into Beginner and Intermediate tutorials; for fresh Blender users who are just starting out and for people who already know the basics of the software. From there on however, it is really up to you to decide which aspect of 3D do you wish to go deeper into, and then you can look further into the relevant tutorials to further your learning.

The Beginner:

Blender Guru donut series:

Andrew Price is one of the most popular online personality, aka Blender Guru, or the donut guy. His famous (or infamous to some) donut tutorial goes through a variety of functions from interface, modelling, modifiers, to sculpting, particles, materials, composition and lighting, procedural displacement, rendering, and even more. Don’t understand any of those terms? Check out this tutorial series now and you will be able to grasp most of those concepts after a couple of videos.