Emergency: Las Vegas Shooting

Image from ABC News

Since then, US have seen 156 mass shootings, resulting in 848 people killed and 339 people injured; 66 perpetrators committed suicide while another 17 were shot and killed by law enforcement. [1]

And these figures took into account only the years 2009–2016. This not only show the seriousness of mass murder as a problem to be looked into, but once again emphasizes just how lethal this deadliest shooting in modern US history really is.

Why am I writing this?

I did not write this to come up with solutions; there are many more who are much more capable of doing so.
I did not write it to provide information either; amidst many unreliable sources, I believe/hope that we still know enough to listen to only the credible media outlets for information — and I admit that I have not done much research and reading up before writing it.

The real shocking thing here is how I, and perhaps many others as well, can be relatively apathetic to such news, or rather, desensitize due to how prevalence of such situations, and how media has always try to sensationalize it beyond what it has to be.

There was a reason that the me of 8 years ago saw mass murders as an emergency.
I might not know much back then, and I might be just trying to complete an assignment; but I knew the seriousness of this.

Making a change has to start small, but with perseverance it can go a long way.

While this may not be a very all-rounded view of the matter, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll be more than happy to learn more from differing perspectives and regarding different aspects as it is only by doing so that we can seek to come up with effective solutions to problems faced by us; to deal with the emergencies that we are living in.



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