What it seems to run a film screening programme

Chun Aik
8 min readMay 7, 2022

It’s 3.25am on the 8th of May, just about 12 hours to go till the final screening session of the film programme I have curated at my workplace.

I had wanted to write about it earlier before this weekend, alas things cropped up and I just could not find the time and energy to do it. After an unintended 2 hours nap just now however, perhaps now is the right time to pen down my thoughts.

Films and video art have always been one of my interests. Following up the series of video art exhibitions last year, I thought of experimenting with a different format this time round. Instead of a more conventional exhibition style that showcases video works on loop, I decided to go with something more cinema-like and planned for scheduled film screening sessions.

Going further back, both of these were originally ideas that my ex-boss suggested, but perhaps the timing was not right back then. Having already done some research and compiling of works, I went back to the same list again to look at what I can put together coherently.

似是而非 Not Everything Is as It Seems

It took me some time to shortlist the works, but it was only after a jog that the phrase 似是而非 (not everything is as it seems) suddenly came into my mind and that it all clicked. An ambiguous phrase that can seemingly encompass most things, I thought that I found the perfect title to plan the programme around. At the same time, there is some poetry in the phrase itself (more so in the Chinese than English language one unfortunately) that I would really love to be able to draw out through the selection of films.

It was already mid-late March when I began to really seriously think about putting everything together. So with time not on my side, I got to quickly come up with the list of artists and possible works to include, as well as the format of the programme.

I knew that I wanted fixed screening sessions. I knew that it would be a series of works played sequentially. I studied some recent art film screening programmes for a better idea of how I can plan for…