Thank You, My Friends.

I’m typing this a week after my own commencement. After a lengthy post reflecting on the lessons learned in NUS and another one on my thoughts after commencement. As well as after a sea of Instagram dedications; to the school, to their parents, to their friends, and even more.

I’m typing this as a dedication to the friends I’ve made over the past four years, and also to those who I’ve managed to keep as part of my life over the past four years.

I’m typing this because I’m too cool for Instagram dedications and I simply have too many friends (lol just kidding).

A week after commencement, life did go on pretty much the same and nothing much had changed even if it feels like everything had.

To the people who were there on my commencement, to the people whom I was there for your commencement, and to every single one of you who had been a part of my NUS life, no matter how small, thank you.

To the OGLs of Saladdin (+ Jing); I really don’t know how my life in NUS would have been if not for you guys. You guys are the best people I could ever ask for to be friends with and I’m so glad that the stars aligned and fate or whatever has brought us all together. We have been through so much together since the day we all decided to take up the role of OGLs for our OGs and for the House.

Camps have brought us together and forged the bonds we now share, but even though camps have ceased to be a part of our lives, I know that we will forever be a part of each other’s lives. I will never forget the fun times we had in camps, in school and in every single time when we meet up.

Thank you so much for all the fun, joy, and laughter you’ve given me in our time together in school and I’ll always be looking forward to meeting you guys because we never fail to have a insanely wonderful time together.

GRADUATE LO!!!!!!!!!!

To S1ren; I’m glad to have started this journey with you guys, even if we did not go through it together. This photo has and will always mean a lot to me, and is one of my favourite photos from camp. Taken on the last night, it not only marks the ending of the camp but also the beginning of our life as a undergraduate. Also because it was taken after we won BEST OG!!!

Just look at us! We were brimming with youth and confidence, ready to take on uni life. Four years later, most of us are too jaded from uni to keep in contact with each other, but I sincerely hope that each of you had a fulfilling four years and that are now ready to take on the world.

To the seniors; I truly appreciate how you guys were always there for us, providing advice and guidance along the way. Also thanks for hanging out with me because I didn’t have many friends of my batch to hang out with in Year 1 hahahaha. You guys are the best seniors anyone can have.

To the ones whom I’ve managed to catch during commencement and snap a picture with, good seeing you all and yes, we’ve done it! All the best for the future and let’s continue to keep in touch.

To Aizhen, thanks for being a great friend these four years. Although it’s still a mystery how you only have a leg in this picture.

To Tay Lin, thanks for being there, but not there. But also there.

To Melvin, thanks for being the bro who’s always there for me. And the one who replies messages the fastest out of these three.

To my dear STAHP freshies; I hope you guys are doing well and surviving uni life. It is my honour to have been your OGL, and even though I do not keep in touch with most of you, it’s good to see how you guys are doing through social media.

The end is near so please enjoy your final year as a student. Even though degree may not be important as this guy claims, do work hard and make the most out of your last year in uni.

To Yang Sheng; thank you for joining S1 and the S House family; have fun in what is hopefully your final year in NUS.

To the rest of the S1 family, seniors and juniors, people whom I’ve not met more than a few occasions; thank you for having been a part of my uni life and I’m sure future batches of S1 will keep our legacy going on strong. And especially to the bunch of freshies from this OWeek, you guys are a weird bunch but keep being weird because it’s awesome.

To S House; you have given me more than I can ever ask for. Even though times have changed and the people are different now, S House will always be S House. I guess no matter what happens, I will always bleed blue and have an S in my heart. I’m truly thankful to be in such a legendary great house and to every single one of you whom I’ve met in every camp, no matter how short our interaction may be, I thank you for being part of my uni life and may you be able to excel in whatever you are doing.

To Darren, it’s not like I want to include you in so many of my photos in this post but unfortunately you’ve somehow been in the photos with the rest above too. But I’ll still dedicate one just for you here.

(Idk why there were only S3 people but don’t be mistaken, I’m not biased and I welcome people from any OG to be my friend haha #OneHouse)

To my beloved seniors, my big brothers, my mentors, and my dear friends; it’s been great knowing you guys and I thank you for all the guidance you’ve given me in the past four years. My Year 1 Sem 2 will always be remembered for that period of time when we somewhat studied and hung out together in school during finals period. You guys have been the ones I looked up to the most and I thank you for being the demonic seniors I needed in my uni life.

To my Psych friends; who’ve unfortunately taken a photo without me (sobs), I may not say this enough but I’m really thankful to have your company in this journey together. Being such a big cohort, it’s always difficult to make friends through lectures and tutorials, and having a familiar face in class always made it much easier to stay awake and pay attention (lol).

Be it a good academic discussion or just a complain session about our modules (and profs haha), you guys are always up for a chat about Psychology. And of course, for more fun things such as kite-flying and bbq as well. I look forward to more of our outings together! So that I can be part of the group photo with everyone lol.

Having met most of you in Psych Camp, till this day I’m still grateful for Melvin’s invitation to join as a OGL, for free. Even if some of you featured here are no longer in Psych, I’m glad to have known each and every one of you and I’m sure that you’ve all done well in your respective majors.

After all, if going around the world to perform in concerts every now and then is not considered as doing well, I don’t know what is. Won’t you agree, Rachel?

To my Psych Camp freshies; whether you are doing psych or not, I hope that you have been enjoying uni and are ready for your final year. It’s been a long journey, push on and you will be there soon. I’m still upset about falling so sick that I couldn’t be with you guys all the time during the camp sigh.

To Raymond, aka Best DPD, all the best to you and your team for OWeek 2017.

To NUS Centre For the Arts Marketing Department; all the colleagues and my fellow interns, I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with you guys in my final semester. Even though the work can be difficult, I’m happy to be able to be a part of the Festival this year and I’ll make sure to return for future CFA events.

To the few of you whom I still keep in touch with since BMT; thank you for being there in my uni life. It’s always good to see familiar faces when entering a new phase in life, and I’m glad that we entered and ended our NUS journey together, somewhat.

To my brothers; what are decade-long friends for anyway? Also to the other three not present here, thank you for being there for me, for the adventures we’ve been through and the ones we will be going through.

To the many people I’ve met in the past four years; my suite mates, friends made from ICG, all the people I’ve met in CAPT, friends made from Arts Open, everyone from all the camps I’ve been to, friends made during exchange, fellow Psychology majors, anyone whom I’ve met from any other modules, and all of you whom I’ve met in one way or another not mentioned above, thank you for being a part of my NUS journey. No matter how short our interactions may have been, I believe that everything happened for a reason and that each of your presence at that point of time contributed to who I am today.

To the people whom I’ve been keeping in touch and will continue to keep in touch with, let’s just continue to be awesome.

To the people whom I haven’t kept in contact with for a while, I’m always just a message or a call away, feel free to hit me up anytime if you wanna catch up.

To the people whom I’m unlikely to see again, I wish you the best in whatever you are doing and I’ll look forward to the day we cross paths again.

I really can’t say this enough, but trust me when I say that I’m utmost grateful for each and every single one of you to have been a part of my uni life. It is really not possible for me to name everyone or to include you as part of a group somewhere, but if you’ve read this far or even bothered to take a look at this at all, know that you do matter to me.

Friendship can mean very different things to different people.

But friendship to me is very simple; as long as we share a common experience and that I don’t hate you, I’ll see you as a friend.

Well but like I’ve always said, hate is a strong word and I try not to hate people, so essentially a shared common experience is all that it takes for me to call you a friend.

You may not agree with me entirely, and there isn’t really a point to convince you.

All I wish is that, I’ve been a good friend as much as you are to me; and let’s continue to steer this friend-ship together against the waves of changes and across the tides of time, towards the sun.

(lol don’t ask me how I came up with that and if it even makes sense at all)



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