When plans change into uncertainty

Pretty funny how we repeatedly choose to do something we are not very good at over something we are supposedly much more adept at.

Chun Aik
3 min readJul 29, 2018

It’s just so interesting.

Humans are arguably most adaptive species in the world, allowing us to survive again and again against various disasters and calamities.
Yet people are also known to be famously resistant to changes.

Can and want are different.
What we can do and what we want to do do not always overlap.
Yet what we have to do and what we do not want to do always tend to overlap.

Why oh why????

While we can adapt distinctively well in the face of huge changes — especially when it is forced upon us be it through natural forces or different types of pressure we face everyday — we are also known to be extremely averse to changes.

At least I know I don’t deal well with change.

Especially when most changes struck unexpectedly.

Well thinking about it, expected changes aren’t truly changes afterall.
They are called plans.

The kind of changes I wish to talk about happen when things start to differ from your plans, when reality starts to diverge from your expectations, when the streetlamps ahead of the path you’re on all switch off at once in the middle of the night.

It’s so dark

It can be when you are not in other people’s plans, when you are in other people’s plans, when other people get out of your plans, when other people walk into your plans, or when your plans simply fail because quite apparently most of us suck pretty much when it comes to making plans.

It seems that with plans, there always come changes.
There is this saying “计划赶不上变化”; which translates to “the change will always go beyond plans”.


It is also said that “change is the only constant in the world”.

With or without plans, everything is always changing.
Plans simply magnify the changes.

With plans come expectations, with expectations come disappointment.
It is precisely because changes exist that plans often do not work out, and with disrupted and failed plans come uncertainty.

Since we don’t plan for changes, we are unable to see anything out of our plans.

Plans vs Reality: We can only see so far, and things ALMOST ALWAYS don’t go according to plans. There are often not only one answer, leading to many paths instead of just the one in our plans, perhaps even leading back to where we started.

This uncertainty is what kills us.
It is what devours us into the darkness, drown us in the water, and suffocate us in the vacuum where we can’t see anything, can’t feel anything, and can’t stop thinking.

Oh well, but life’s just full of these isn’t it.

We are always making plans, having expectations, having to deal with changes, managing uncertainty, taking on waves and waves of whatever life throws at us.

Maybe that’s what life is about.

Us relentlessly trying to plan ahead, yet forever having our plans thwarted.
Always learning to plan better, always struggling to be better.