My Films in 2022

Here are some films that I watched in 2022 and would like to share with you, followed by the full list of all the movies I watched in 2022, with my thoughts of each recorded on Letterboxd, and some that I’m looking forward to in 2023.

Chun Aik
5 min readJan 22


After clocking in at more than 50 films in 2021, the highest since I started logging my films on Letterboxd in 2018, 2022 was a relatively disappointing year as I caught less than 30 films in total. Oh well, let’s see what are the few worth mentioning among the ones that I managed to catch.

Past Years:

Similar rules as before:

  1. Each film can only be awarded the winner in one category; each category can only have a singer winner
  2. Film can be runners-up to any number of categories
  3. I try to limit the runners-up to 3 maximum
  4. Priority goes to newer films

Most Life — Dust of Angels

Most “Life”

Dust of Angels

I first heard of this film while on exchange in Taiwan, from a guest speaker at one of the photography club sessions. It has been in my mind then but as time goes by I gave up on trying to watch it as it is such an old film and difficult to find. Until last year, when they completed a 4K restoration version and SCFF actually brought it here. An extremely raw, authentic film about life as Taiwanese youngsters in the 90s, embroiled with the underworld; it can’t get any closer to ‘life’ than this.

Also found a very nice writing on the film:

Runners-up: Echo, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

On Filmmaking

Ripples of Life

A meta-film about the fictional narrative of making of the film itself, but also about the conflicts of living in a…